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Software Imagination & Vision

SOFTWARE IMAGINATION & VISION (SIMAVI) is an IT company established in 2019, following the division process of SIVECO Romania SA. Although the company was recently established, the team's experience is vast, taking over all software development activities in: education, health, customs, nuclear, business, banking, utilities, production, etc. An organization built on an European model, with unique competence centers and internationally competitive specialists, SOFTWARE IMAGINATION & VISION is the Romanian software company that provides IT services directly to European Commission organization.

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Every hour, 23,000 medical-pharmaceutical services are registered in the Single Integrated Information System, while 70,000 electronic documents are generated.

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Every 20 seconds, customs in Turkey and Romania solve a transit request using the modern NCTS system, in alignment with the European standards.

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Over 18 million children and adults in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and the CIS are benefiting from the solutions created by our eLearning team.

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Customized Applications

It takes 1 click: 1 second is the average response time to a credit report request using the SIVABON solution implemented at the Credit Bureau.

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IT Services for EC

The only Romanian IT company that provides software services directly to European Commission organizations.

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Enterprise App Suite

1,300 organizations manage their activity and resources with SIVECO Applications, our EAS solution for the competitive management of companies.

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Our IT solutions, created in Romania, generate profit, prosperity and competitiveness for our customers, significantly contributing to their development.