Who we are

SOFTWARE IMAGINATION & VISION (SIMAVI) is an IT company established in 2019, following the division process of SIVECO Romania SA.

Although the company was recently established, the team's experience is vast, taking over all software development activities in: education, health, customs, nuclear, business, banking, utilities, production, etc.

An organization built on an European model, with unique competence centers and internationally competitive specialists, SOFTWARE IMAGINATION & VISION is the Romanian software company that provides IT services directly to European Commission organization.

Mission and Vision


We develop software products in national and international turnkey projects: from vision, to mission. Accomplished.


We want to develop IT solutions that generate progress, reduce the digital gaps, bring positive change through powerful projects in the fields of health, education, business and public administration.


Alexandru Rădăşanu - Administrator


Alexandru Coșbuc - Vicepresident, Head of Commercial Division


Daniela Bichir - Vicepresident, Head of HR & Governance Department


Lăcrămioara Bârseti - Deputy Director Development Department


Monica Florea - Director of European Projects Department


Cristian Șalău - Chief Financial Officer



The management systems implemented in SIMAVI were certificated according to the followint standards: