Enterprise App Suite

Enterprise Applications Suite

Our Enterprise Application Suite solution provides companies with an integrated control of activities and processes, in full compliance with their specific business needs and national legislative regulations.

Due to its modular structure and complex functionalities, the Enterprise Application Suite solution covers all the activities within a company and provides suitable resource management, data flow automation and information flow redesign, data consistency and coherence, as well as the quick retrieval and reporting of information.



  • SVAP2025 (B2B)
  • SVAP2025 (B2P)
  • SIVECO Applications 2020 (B2P)
  • SIVECO Applications 2020 (B2B)
  • SIVECO Enterprise Applications (B2P)
  • SIVECO Enterprise Applications (B2B)

1,300 organizations manage their activity and resources with SIVECO Applications, our EAS solution for the competitive management of companies.