SIVADOC solves the critical problems of companies such as electronic archiving, workflow, indexing, searching, security, document management and integration.

SIVADOC offers a common platform that unifies processes and information, in order to streamline the document circuit, facilitate access to information, but also to protect against unauthorized access. Bringing together complex functionalities, SIVADOC regulates, in an orderly and controlled manner, the monitoring, security, circulation and archiving of all documents from the organizations' current activities.

The SIVADOC product includes as an integrated part: application server, workflow engine according to the BPMN 2 standard, rule and decision engine, security module and SSO.

According to research companies, 80% of employees spend an average of 30 minutes a day searching for information, while 60% spend an hour or more recreating documents that already exist. By using a computerized document solution, the degree of improvement of the activity increases by at least 50%, and the approval of documents is reduced from weeks to hours.

SIMAVI's experience of implementing its own SIVADOC solution in various types of organizations has highlighted a reduction in communication time on average by 70-80%, as well as a consistent decrease in the time spent on creating various activity reports.

Through SIVADOC, all information is directly accessible from the IT system, including information synthesis facilities.

The implementation of SIVADOC at the level of the organization will lead to the increase in the quality of document processing, to the reduction of the physical archive of documents and its storage space.

The main beneficiaries of the improvement of internal information communication flows will equally be the organization itself, by increasing operational efficiency and decreasing document processing costs, but also its customers, who will be the beneficiaries of more efficient services and better communication.


  • Document management
  • Document archiving
  • Generation of documents in standardized formats
  • Easy retrieval of documents
  • Integration with electronic messaging systems (e-mail) and fax message management systems
  • Integration with Microsoft Office applications and integration into the Microsoft Windows work environment
  • Management of work flows and tracking of activities carried out within the organization
  • Mechanisms to ensure the security of access to information
  • Management mechanisms
  • Flexibility


  • Accelerating and increasing the efficiency of organizational processes by transmitting documents in electronic format
  • Reusing existing information in the organization
  • The need to interact with other organizations at the same technological level and adapt to the technological requirements of partners and competitors
  • Promoting a consistent and coherent image through the use of standardized documents
  • Aligning with current international trends and preparing the IT infrastructure for the quality certification of the activity carried out


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